I just released a new song called 'Shipwreck' and you can listen to it below.

In many ways this song is sort of a sequel to the song 'Lost' from my first album. Both musically and thematically the song's about finding yourself in all too familiair (mental) places and situations of mainly restlessness. I like how music can do that: I see it as an endless stream of beautiful meaningful references, possibilities, but you can also just enjoy it for being fun, sweet or because it just makes you feel good.

I sometimes see the process of creating as a constant fight with restlessness. It's what keeps me going, but it's also something that can stand in the way of things like inspiration or vibe. Lately I think I'm in the process of embracing it, just going with it, make whatever I feel; put it out there and on to the next one.

There's this book I love with one of my favorite title's ever: Book Of Disquiet (Boek der Rusteloosheid) from the Portugees writer Fernando Pessoa, which if you haven't read it yet, I can highly recommend. It's perfect book to have laying around in your house for it consists of all this small beautiful bits of thoughts and stories.

My dear friend Jeroen van der Poel made a video for 'Shipwreck' and I'm very grateful for that. I'm a big fan of his work and I think he's a great artist. It captures the vibe of the song spot on. There's all this subtle references to the lyrics in the video, I think it's great.

You can find more of his work here:

Here's the first single of my new album:


Thijs Elzinga-Steel Guitar

Lana Kooper-Bass

Annemarie van den Born-Drums

Judith Rijsenbrij-Keys

I will release 8 songs until the release of my new album on November 19 2021.


4 September in het Paard in Den Haag

12 September in de Mezz Breda

24 november in de Paradiso