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Lars and the Magic Mountain - Everything

'Sea of Thoughts' Live at Paradiso Amsterdam 29-09-2020

Interview on 3voor12

Lars and the Magic Mountain 3voor12 vpro

Album Review in OOR Magazine

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'Invincible' premiering on 'Beats Per Minute'


Video for 'Invincible' premiering on 'Popmatters'

Lars and the Magic Mountain's "Invincible" Is a Shoegazey, Dreamy Delight (premiere)

Dutch space pop/psychedelic band Lars and the Magic Mountain share the dreamy and gorgeous "Invincible".

Lars and the Magic Mountain is a new act formed by the Netherlands' Lars Kroon of the band St. Tropez. The title of the new group hints at their space pop and psychedelic inclinations, and indeed, their latest single, "Invincible", falls right in line with those intentions. "Invincible" is a dreamy delight pop delight, beginning with delicate verses, before exploding into shining, multi-voiced choruses drenched in hazy, shoegaze textures. The gorgeous, colorful video was shot by Kroon's wife and artistic partner, Sanja Marusiç, and speaks to their love's power, which makes him feel "Invincible".

"In this song, I tried to capture the feeling of immortality and eternity, that being in love can give you. I embraced the idea of the stream of consciousness and used words and thoughts with a sense of lightness to it; strings, horns, gospel vocals, and some repetitive hypnotizing elements to try and get the listener in that special zone too."

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