Last week I did an acoustic session with on the streets of Amsterdam. We recorded a couple of songs.

This is 'As Far As You Will Go'

Being fed up with all the cancelations, I decided to take on a different approach when writing for my new album. I wanted to record songs that could also 'work' on just an acoustic guitar, on my own.

I did two solo acoustics shows: One in Paard-Den Haag on September 4 and one in Mezz-Breda on September 12. It was a little scary, since it's a whole different dynamic on stage, but I have to say I liked it a lot. Here's a picture of me on stage in Breda.

In the meantime I've been releasing new songs every two weeks. Click on the artwork below to listen to 'Steer Clear', 'As Far As You Will Go' and my latest single 'Better Off'

I'm playing the Paradiso in Amsterdam on the 24th of November. Tickets bought for the 2020 show are still valid for this one. If you don't have any tickets, you can buy them here.