Here's the video for Someone To Blame' made by Sanja Marusic. It premiered on both damusic and pinguinradio.

My new album is called 'Happy Life' and it's coming November 19. It contains 16 songs about joy, misery and moments in between.

I was at a friends house when I saw an artwork hanging on the wall that mesmerized me. I immediately knew this had to be the cover of my new record. It just made sense. It turned out to be made by this wonderfull artist called Splitter Splatter. You can check her work here. This is the album cover:

I've released eight singles of the album, with 'Judge' being the one before 'Someone To Blame'. It's a song in which I judge people who judge other people, who themselves ultimately judge other people too. Obviously I'm not sparing myself here. Anyway, you can check that song and all the other ones here.

I also did some more acoustic sessions with for 'Time Flies' and 'Judge'.